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Calendar 2021

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Sep17-18-19Fri-Sat-SunPalmyra NQ-21.204587 149.076748Sugar City PowerFest
Sep18SatWillowbankSQ-27.696451 152.667209Street Series #6
Sep18SatSpringmountNQ-17.134052 145.344416Track Championships Round 4
Sep18Sat HeathcoteVIC-36.782906 144.568822VIC - SA Sportsman Series #5
Sep18SatBenarabyCQ-24.035363 151.360110Come and Try Day
Sep18-19Sat-SunMildura VIC-34.294367 142.059014CANCELLED
Sep24-25Fri-SatBenarabyCQ-24.035363 151.360110Off Street, Round 6
Sep25SatWillowbankSQ-27.696451 152.667209QLD Drag Racing Series Round 5
Sep-Oct30-01-02Thu-Fri-SatWillowbankSQ-27.696451 152.667209Kenda Test and Radial
Oct01-02Fri-SatPalmyra NQ-21.204587 149.076748KSOS, T'n'T, PDRC NITRO and Rotary
Oct02-03Sat-SunVirginiaSA-23.798314 133.868295ADRC # 3 RESCHEDULED
Oct09SatAlice Springs NT -23.798314 133.868295Aces and Eights; CADRA Round 5
Oct10SunSpringmountNQ-17.134052 145.344416FNQ Motorsports Club Khanacross
Oct16SatSpringmountNQ-17.134052 145.344416Track Championships Round 5
Oct16Sat HeathcoteVIC-36.782906 144.568822VIC - SA Sportsman Series #6
Oct16SatPalmyra NQ-21.204587 149.076748Race ya mates
Oct19TuePortlandVIC-38.361643 141.579087Street Machine Drag Challenge CANCELLED - NEXT MARCH ??
Oct20WedMildura VIC-34.294367 142.059014Street Machine Drag Challenge CANCELLED - NEXT MARCH ??
Oct23SatAlice Springs NT -23.798314 133.868295End of Season Spectacular; Harley Challenge; Family Night; CADRA Round 6
Oct23SatWillowbankSQ-27.696451 152.667209QLD Drag Racing Series Round 6
Oct23SatBenarabyCQ-24.035363 151.360110Come and Try Day
Oct29-30Fri-SatBenarabyCQ-24.035363 151.360110Off Street, Round 7
Oct29-30Fri-SatPalmyra NQ-21.204587 149.076748Entrants T'n'T, Palmyra Thunder 1000'
Oct30SatMildura VIC-34.294367 142.059014Junior Shootout plus regulars
Oct30SatWillowbankSQ-27.696451 152.667209Street Series #7
Nov06Sat HeathcoteVIC-36.782906 144.568822MOPAR Nationals
Nov07SunLakesideSQ-27.228484 152.9649121/8 mile drags
Nov12-13Fri-SatPalmyra NQ-21.204587 149.076748KSOS, T'n'T, PDRC FINAL
Nov13SatAlice Springs NT -23.798314 133.868295Presentation Night
Nov13Sat HeathcoteVIC-36.782906 144.568822VIC - SA Sportsman Series #7
Nov13SatBenarabyCQ-24.035363 151.360110Come and Try Day
Nov13SatPortlandVIC-38.361643 141.579087Chicago Shootout
Nov14SunSpringmountNQ-17.134052 145.344416FNQ Motorsports Club Khanacross
Nov19-20Fri-SatBenarabyCQ-24.035363 151.360110Off Street, Finals
Nov20SatWillowbankSQ-27.696451 152.667209QLD Drag Racing Series #7 FINALS
Nov26-27Fri-Sat HeathcoteVIC-36.782906 144.568822400 Thunder, Spring Thunder, , VIC - SA Sportsman Series #7
Nov27SatKwinana WA-32.215169 115.787629ADRC # 4
Dec04SatPortlandVIC-38.361643 141.579087South Coast 5K
Dec11-12Sat-SunPortlandVIC-38.361643 141.579087South Coast Nationals
Dec11SatBenarabyCQ-24.035363 151.360110Come and Try Day, AGM, Christmas Party
Jan07-08Fri-SatWillowbankSQ-27.696451 152.667209New Years Thunder ???
Jan21-22Fri-Sat SydneyNSW-33.812154 150.871776Top Fuel Australia NITRO Round #1
Jan22-23Sat-SunPortlandVIC-38.361643 141.579087South Coast 660
Feb04-05Thu-FriSat SydneyNSW-33.812154 150.871776Summer Thunder 400 T.
Feb05-06Sat-SunCalderVIC-37.667449 144.752197Top Fuel Australia NITRO Round #2
Feb19SatPortlandVIC-38.361643 141.579087Wild Bunch Wars
Mar04-05Fri-Sat HeathcoteVIC-36.782906 144.568822Goldfields Thunder
Mar05-06Sat-SunKwinana WA-32.215169 115.787629Top Fuel Australia NITRO Round #3 ADRC #6
Mar19SatPortlandVIC-38.361643 141.579087Street Car Shootout
Apr02SatPortlandVIC-38.361643 141.579087Super Thunder 400 T.
Apr08-09Fri-SatWillowbankSQ-27.696451 152.667209???
Apr09-10Sat-Sun HeathcoteVIC-36.782906 144.568822Top Fuel Australia NITRO Round #4
May06-07Fri-Sat SydneyNSW-33.812154 150.871776Top Fuel Australia NITRO Round #5
Jun09-12Thu-SunWillowbankSQ-27.696451 152.667209NITRO Gulf Western Oil WinterNationals 400 T.