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Can a data logger input shaft sensor be fitted to a Powerglide?

Powerglide Input Shaft sensing

Yes, says Alex Van Leuven from Naracoorte, because he has successfully done it.

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Townsville 2020-10-04
DriveIT North Queensland Driver Education facility has begun.

Includes a drag strip

Kadina 2020-09-06

Looks suspiciously like a new drag strip under construction. Total length is about 600 metres, so it's most likely an 1/8 mile strip

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Google Earth pix of the new drag strip at Kadina

Kadina Drag Strip News.

Progress has been made about the new drag strip at Kadina, South Australia. Copper Coast Motorsports via their Facebook page indicate that plans have been drawn up and submitted to council.

Another new drag strip for Queensland.

Lets just hope this comes true too. New drag strip for Townsville

Another New Drag Strip for SA at Kadina - by Graeme Wilson

There is a new drag strip being planned for Kadina at the top of South Australia's Yorke Peninsula. Several sources have said that planning applications are being made, and that the various government and council bodies are agreeable. Kadina SA From the Facebook page, it looks like work has begun.